Netchemia has been named (AGAIN!) an Ingram’s Magazine "Best Company to Work For" and is one of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce's Top 10 Small Businesses, all while building award-winning software.

We are growing as the demand for our applications expands nationwide and thanks to our desire to continue building new solutions for K-12 education.

To do that, we need more rock star web developers. And we need your help (with a nice reward for you in the process). 

Refer us our next web developer and we’ll give you $10,000.

Why developers love Netchemia

We are a software company first, so developers aren’t second class citizens.  We build stuff that actually matters and we use the latest .NET and client-side technologies to do it.

Our award-winning software is transforming education by providing platforms for streamlined hiring, developing and retaining teachers, and efficient administration of all that silly HR paperwork.  We do this as team – other developers always have your back, and you’ll collaborate heavily with them as your team determines its work and accomplishes it together.  You’ll find mentors in your teammates and you’ll be a mentor to other teammates, all at the same time.

We don’t hide our developers in the back room. Our environment is one where you are valued, heard, and given ample opportunity to grow. From regular developer challenges that test your skills, to ongoing Nerf fights and pickup foosball games, we embrace the work hard/play hard mentality: move fast, build products that matter, and have a great time doing it.

Our culture is authentic

  • We are transparent, driven, and creative.
  • We review the company financials, all of us, every month. We don’t just value your opinion, if we do not hear it, we will ask for it and expect you to debate with us to ensure we are reaching the right decisions.
  • We are 14 years old, but still act like a start-up. We move fast and each of us behave as though this is OUR company, not just who we work for.

We are driven by a set of core values

  • Take Initiative
  • Act with Integrity
  • Embrace the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Collaborate
  • Be Passionate
  • Put the Customer First

Specifically, we’re looking developers who:

  • Want to build stuff that matters: We have a mission to transform education.  If you want to be heard, work hard, have fun, and contribute to putting and keeping the best teachers in classrooms, come to Netchemia.
  • Want a culture of development:  We are not just building widgets.  We are a Software Development Company that is growing fast, building impactful B2B and B2C products, and provides an environment where you are valued, heard, and need to be quick on your feet (to dodge the Nerf darts).
  • Want a true team environment.  Our teams work VERY closely with Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success to collaborate on market-relevant solutions for our customers. 

What are the rules? (Specifically, how can I get a check for $10,000?)

  • In order to receive a referral bonus, your name must be mentioned in the cover letter supplied by the developer candidate when he or she applies. If we don't know who you are, we can't pay you. In sum, remind your friend to drop your name when working on that cover letter.
  • You cannot refer yourself. This is a referral program, not a sign-on bonus. If you want to work out something with your friends, so be it. (Feel free to apply the usual way, though.) 
  • This applies only to our Software Developer positions. We have a pretty robust interview and selection process and only the best will get an offer.
  • We will trust you enough to recommend people you actually know. When we call them and drop your name, we do not want them to ask “Who gave you my name?”  We don’t expect them to know the name of all your cats, but that would be nice!
  • 3rd party recruiting agencies/consulting firms are not eligible to participate in this program.
  • We will pay you 90 days after the candidate has held a full time position with Netchemia, has successfully completed our on-boarding program, and are rocking our socks off.
  • Make your referral before July 31, 2014.
  • As we will receive a lot of candidates, our decision on who is eligible for the referral check will be final.
  • If we do not hire your referral within six months after you submit their name, no bonus will be paid. Sorry, we can’t let this promotion run forever.

Do you know somebody who’s ready to join one of Kansas City’s best and brightest software development companies? One that is making a difference nationwide?  Send them our way…

Netchemia reserves the right to cancel, modify, or extend this program at any time, without notice, public or otherwise.